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Flawed Diamonds Take MRI to a Whole New Level

Nano MRI diamonds

Turns out diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, they might be the key to a new level of diagnostic imaging. According to the journal Science, Dr. Carlos Moeriles of the City College of New York and a team of researchers at the University of Stuttgart are using flawed diamonds to create Magnetic Resonance Imaging with a resolution equivalent to …

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U.S. Department of Transportation Says: Truckers Can’t Have Sleep Disorders

Truckers Can’t Have Sleep Disorders

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (a part of the United States Department of Transportation) is cracking down on sleep deprived driving. Those with a CDL license will see a new addition to their physical this year. Drivers at risk for Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorder are urged to undergo further evaluation with a sleep specialist and perhaps have …

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The Dip-Off is On at MNAP!

Winners Of The MNAP Dip Off

Well the holiday season is over, but you can’t stop MNAP employees from celebrating! What was the occasion this time? Well… it was Friday. As good a reason as any to have some food and share the love. This time the employees of MNAP Oncology and MNAP Radiology put out their best dips while the management judged the competition. The …

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Great News for Aetna Patients!

aetna health insurance

A welcome relief for Aetna patients: MNAP accepts every kind of Aetna Health Insurance. Furthermore, while Aetna still requires preauthorization for MRI studies, most Aetna plans do not require one for CT Scans. This is a welcome relief for those patients that have to battle with their doctor’s offices in order to get a preauthorization, as most insurances require it for …

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Deductibles Demystified!


Please take a minute to review this important information about health insurance deductibles. What is a deductible? Simply put, the deductible is the amount that the patient has to pay out of pocket, starting at the beginning of each year. Once that amount has been paid then the insurance policy kicks in. This amount varies from $150 to as much …

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