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New Research Shows Promise for Possible HIV Cure


Researchers have used radioimmunotherapy (RIT) to destroy remaining HIV-infected cells in the blood samples of patients treated with antiretroviral therapy. The approach could provide a strategy for curing HIV infection, according to research presented at RSNA 2013. Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has transformed the outlook for patients infected with HIV by suppressing the replication of the virus in the …

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Breast Density Measurement May Predict Cancer Risk

Breast Density

Automated breast density measurement predicts breast cancer risk in younger women, and that risk may be related to the rate at which breast density changes in some women as they age, according to research presented at RSNA 2013. Breast density, as determined by mammography, already is known to be a strong and independent risk factor for breast cancer. The American …

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MRgFUS Offers Noninvasive Treatment for Breast Cancer


Focused ultrasound under MR guidance may offer a safe and effective noninvasive treatment for breast cancer, according to research presented at RSNA 2013. MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) ablation requires no incision or puncture to perform. Instead, it uses the acoustic energy from high-intensity focused ultrasound to heat and ablate diseased tissue. Continuous MRI is used to locate the lesions and …

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MRI Shows Long-Term Impact of Veterans’ Blast-Induced Brain Injuries

Veterans Blast Induced Brain Injuries

Using a special type of MRI, researchers have found that soldiers who suffered mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) induced by blast exposure exhibit long-term brain differences, according to a study presented at RSNA 2013. Recent wars have resulted in veterans with an exposure rate of approximately 20% to blast-induced MTBI, or trauma resulting from mortar fire and improvised explosive devices. …

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Why More and More Cardiologists Are Selling Their Practices

Why Doctors Are Selling

Almost 1 in every 7 cardiologists is seeking to sell his or her practice, according to a report from staffing firm Jackson Healthcare, who surveyed physicians across all areas of medicine. Physicians in private practice still outnumber those employed, but this could change as less than half the survey respondents with an ownership stake say they plan to remain in …

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Cardiac MRI Study: Energy Drinks Alter Heart Function

Energy Drinks Alter Heart Function

Healthy adults who consumed energy drinks high in caffeine and taurine had significantly increased heart contraction rates one hour later, according to a study presented at RSNA 2013. “Until now, we haven’t known exactly what effect these energy drinks have on the function of the heart,” said radiology resident Jonas Dörner, MD, of the cardiovascular imaging section at the University …

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