MRI Can Help Reduce Problems for Hip Replacement Patients

MRI Can Help Reduce Problems for Hip Replacement Patients

According to Medical News Today, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2013 annual meeting reviewed a new study which shows that MRI scans can help reduce further pain and tissue damage for total hip replacement patients. Apparently MRI scans are highly sensitive to tissue changes in failing or at risk Metal-on-Metal hip replacement patients. This method of early detection can …

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Don’t Let Hospitals Bully You!

Don’t let hospitals bully you

For most of us, it is unpleasant to think of medicine as a business. We prefer to view it idealistically, with altruistic doctors that make decisions solely based on the patients’ well-being. Well, the fact of the matter is that doctors and hospitals need to think of their bottom line just as much as anyone else, more so since the …

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Flawed Diamonds Take MRI to a Whole New Level

Nano MRI diamonds

Turns out diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, they might be the key to a new level of diagnostic imaging. According to the journal Science, Dr. Carlos Moeriles of the City College of New York and a team of researchers at the University of Stuttgart are using flawed diamonds to create Magnetic Resonance Imaging with a resolution equivalent to …

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U.S. Department of Transportation Says: Truckers Can’t Have Sleep Disorders

Truckers Can’t Have Sleep Disorders

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (a part of the United States Department of Transportation) is cracking down on sleep deprived driving. Those with a CDL license will see a new addition to their physical this year. Drivers at risk for Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorder are urged to undergo further evaluation with a sleep specialist and perhaps have …

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Deductibles Demystified!


Please take a minute to review this important information about health insurance deductibles. What is a deductible? Simply put, the deductible is the amount that the patient has to pay out of pocket, starting at the beginning of each year. Once that amount has been paid then the insurance policy kicks in. This amount varies from $150 to as much …

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Grandma’s Hair Dye to the Rescue: Hospital Superbugs Beware!

hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide, that stuff that grandma used to bleach her hair and your mom put on your cuts and scrapes, is the latest and seemingly most effective way that hospitals are preventing drug-resistant bacteria from spreading. The Oxford Journal of Clinical and Infectious Diseases published a 30 month study in January that is the product of more than a decade …

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Something Smells Fishy: The Latest News on Postpartum Depression


Bad news for Nemo, good news for women everywhere. Fighting postpartum depression might be as easy as adding more fish to your diet. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry just published a review stating that increasing Omega-3 intake to recommended levels could help women of childbearing age battle depression. Research shows that Omega-3 helps your body release serotonin, that hormone that …

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Screenings for Relatives of SCD Victims


The European Heart Journal, official Journal of the European Society of Cardiology, published a study conducted in Denmark over the span of 11 years. The study followed family members of young victims of Sudden Cardiac Death. Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) in the young is often associated with genetic mutations so it isn’t a great surprise that the victims’ closest relatives …

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Dr. Terry J. Styles on Integrative Medicine, Part I

integrative medicine

As promised, an interview with Dr. Styles! I had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Terry Styles a few days ago and chatting about her take on complementary/integrative medicine and its role in cancer treatment. Terry Styles, M.D., is the Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at MNAP Medical Solutions and in addition to being a wonderful doctor, she also …

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Image Gently: Taking the Pledge for Safer Pediatric Radiology

1 1000

It is a commonly known fact that radiological procedures, if done improperly, pose more harm to children than to adults. For a long time now, Image Gently, an advocacy group associated with many organizations, has been promoting safer, lower dosage, protocols for pediatric imaging. When the FDA was working on guidelines for imaging equipment manufacturers, they came to Image Gently …

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