Ask The Doctor

Ask the Doctor

OK so the subject of my last post still has me fired up. And in a moment of clarity, it occurred to me that while we here at MNAP take patient education very seriously, we could always do more. So in an effort to educate our patients further we are starting a segment we like to call “Ask the Doctor”. Here’s how it’s going to work:

If you’re reading this on then you can just post your question.

If you are reading this on our website, then you can email me at

Either way, please send me your medical questions. They can be about anything. I will, in turn, forward them to the doctors here at MNAP and include the question and answer in my next post here and on facebook. For the questions that I get by email, I will only post the question and answers not the names of the people asking, so your privacy will be protected.

Educate yourselves people! Make informed medical decisions!

Alisa Flom

Patient Relations Coordinator

Care. Comfort. Convenience. For our patients. For our doctors.