Great News for Aetna Patients!

aetna health insurance

A welcome relief for Aetna patients: MNAP accepts every kind of Aetna Health Insurance. Furthermore, while Aetna still requires preauthorization for MRI studies, most Aetna plans do not require one for CT Scans. This is a welcome relief for those patients that have to battle with their doctor’s offices in order to get a preauthorization, as most insurances require it for both MRI and CT Scans.

In general, patients should know the details of how their plans work, but if you ever have any questions, our billing department is more than happy to help. Please feel free to call them at 215-464-3300 with any questions or concerns. Aetna is one of the more confusing insurance carriers and is known for giving misleading information. We know that it can often be difficult to reach an actual human being at an insurance company, let alone to get a straight answer from them, so we make it our mission to help our patients in any way we can.

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