Image Gently: Taking the Pledge for Safer Pediatric Radiology

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It is a commonly known fact that radiological procedures, if done improperly, pose more harm to children than to adults. For a long time now, Image Gently, an advocacy group associated with many organizations, has been promoting safer, lower dosage, protocols for pediatric imaging. When the FDA was working on guidelines for imaging equipment manufacturers, they came to Image Gently for advice. Many factors go into lowering the radiation exposure while keeping a high quality image, and it isn’t as simple as doing it once and forgetting about it. Every patient is a different size and the hardware and the software have to be adjusted for every patient. The burden is on the technologist doing the study to make sure the protocols are being followed and that the dosage for each patient is as low as possible without losing image quality.

Image Gently’s website has all the protocols on it and urges imaging facilities to take the pledge to follow these protocols. I am proud to announce that MNAP technologists are taking the pledge and we are committed to keeping our tiniest patients safe from unnecessary radiation exposure. The process is ongoing and I will be announcing when it is complete.

Alisa Flom
Patient Relations Coordinator

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