‘Tis the Season at MNAP Radiology


In the spirit of the holidays the staff of MNAP did a little gift giving last Friday. Our annual Pollyanna and Holiday Party turned into a wonderful display of affection and camaraderie, something we sometimes take for granted. It is easy to forget in the daily hustle of a medical office, how much we truly appreciate each other. But give us a little champagne and a lot of food and the hugs just keep on coming. The management poured their hearts out in their toasts and some of us were so overwhelmed with emotion (no names) that even a tear or two were shed.

Though we were officially closed for the party, when a patient knocked on the door to schedule an appointment we gladly took her in. The patient was unaware of her diagnosis, but having seen what the doctor was trying to rule out we made every effort to accommodate her quickly. The technologists turned on the machines, the billing department coordinated with the doctor’s office to make miracles happen and the patient was taken within a half hour for a test for which she could be waiting for weeks. Sometimes being able to do something a little more for someone who truly needs it, is better than any gift.

So thanks to everyone who participated, and a special thank you to the management for giving us a chance to enjoy each other’s company. It seems the tougher the times the closer we get and the more we depend on one another.

Alisa Flom
Patient Relations Coordinator


Care. Comfort. Convenience. For our patients. For our doctors.