Breast Tissue Density: To Tell or Not to Tell?

Breast Tissue Density

So I was reading the August issue of Radiology Today and I came across an article about breast density notification (everyone has something to say about breasts this time of year :) ) The issue at hand was whether breast tissue density should be part of the plain language report given to patients. For those of you that don’t know, dense breast tissue is one of the factors that can put a woman in the high risk category for breast cancer. The fact that this is even an issue is outrageous to me.

The argument is that while on the one hand it is helpful to put women in charge of their own health and let them know what is going on, on the other hand, what if they don’t know what to do with the information? What if they panic and don’t know how to deal? What if they have other risk factors, but no dense tissue and they think they’re not high risk when they really are?

ARE THEY SERIOUS?!?!?! Do we really look that dumb to the medical community? Are we really incapable of doing a little research or talking to our doctors? Ladies, I beseech you, get all the information you can. Read the reports, talk to your doctor, talk to the technologist doing your mammogram, do your own research, but PLEASE don’t let the superior attitude of some medical professionals stop you from taking charge of your health!

Alisa Flom

Patient Relations Coordinator

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