Flawed Diamonds Take MRI to a Whole New Level

Nano MRI diamonds

Turns out diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, they might be the key to a new level of diagnostic imaging. According to the journal Science, Dr. Carlos Moeriles of the City College of New York and a team of researchers at the University of Stuttgart are using flawed diamonds to create Magnetic Resonance Imaging with a resolution equivalent to an atomic force microscope. For those who have no idea what that means, it means up to 10,000 times better resolution than now possible.

A regular MRI, a non-invasive and radiation-free procedure commonly used to view living tissues, can show tissues equivalent in size to the thickness of a sheet of paper. This new technology opens up the possibilities of examining a person on a molecular level or seeing one strand of DNA without any invasive procedures. The so-called “Nano MRI” is possible due to a specific defect in diamonds that can sense magnetic resonance molecules. Just more proof that diamonds make everyone happy.

Alisa Flom
Patient Relations Coordinator

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