Grandma’s Hair Dye to the Rescue: Hospital Superbugs Beware!

hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide, that stuff that grandma used to bleach her hair and your mom put on your cuts and scrapes, is the latest and seemingly most effective way that hospitals are preventing drug-resistant bacteria from spreading.

The Oxford Journal of Clinical and Infectious Diseases published a 30 month study in January that is the product of more than a decade of testing in hospitals across the world. This study states that using a hydrogen peroxide vapor to disinfect hospital facilities including patient rooms, reduces the risk of infection by 64%. Considering that these “superbugs” are multiple-drug-resistant and therefore very difficult to treat, this is incredible news.

First used in Singapore during the 2002 SARS outbreak, the vapor is spread by robotic devices that cover not only the floors and counters (like traditional mopping and cleaning), but all surfaces including walls.

My first thought: Can I get one for my home?

Alisa Flom
Patient Relations Coordinator

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