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The Dip-Off is On at MNAP!

Winners Of The MNAP Dip Off

Well the holiday season is over, but you can’t stop MNAP employees from celebrating! What was the occasion this time? Well… it was Friday. As good a reason as any to have some food and share the love. This time the employees of MNAP Oncology and MNAP Radiology put out their best dips while the management judged the competition. The …

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‘Tis the Season at MNAP Radiology


In the spirit of the holidays the staff of MNAP did a little gift giving last Friday. Our annual Pollyanna and Holiday Party turned into a wonderful display of affection and camaraderie, something we sometimes take for granted. It is easy to forget in the daily hustle of a medical office, how much we truly appreciate each other. But give …

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Embrace the Change: Communicating with Radiologists

Communicating with Radiologists

I was in a hospital waiting room recently and overheard a conversation between several doctors. It was one of those “back in the good old days” conversations, though the doctors certainly didn’t look like old-timers. Interestingly, they were expressing a sentiment that I have heard from many doctors who used to work in the “old regime” of the non digital …

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